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hello a pioneer online administrative tool for the Students Industrial Work Experience scheme was first designed in 2007 and launched in the year 2008. It was designed for the use of Industrial Training Fund. It provided a data entry interface for all Universities, Polytechnics, Colleges of Education and Agriculture in Nigeria.

The success of the design enabled the Higher Institutions to do simultaneous data entry of all the students that participated in the SIWES scheme. There was an unprecedented login rate by Institutions and Students as the portal was also programmed to calculate each student’s allowance, Supervisory allowance, and other parameters to facilitate the administration of the scheme

This new design is meant to go beyond students on Industrial Attachment and focus on young entrepreneurs who need honest information at no cost. It however provides opportunity for adverts for growth in the sector at nominal cost. It is not tied to any government body as it is private-sector driven.

Corporate bodies are encouraged to provide enabling environment and encouragement to these young minds to learn the skills that can move the Economy forward


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